Saturday, 29 May 2010

How to make your own scavenger hunt for kids

Make Your Own Scavenger Hunt for Kids - Perfect for Indoor, Outdoor Party Games, Rainy Day Games and Activities!
The Riddle Me scavenger hunt program is an easy to use software that instantly creates printable scavenger hunt riddles and clues for treasure hunt games. This program allows you to create or customize scavenger hunt riddles using items you have available in and around your home. With this program you can match items to treasure hunt clues and scavenger hunt riddles from a huge database of riddles.

Ideal for creating instant scavenger hunt for kids or treasure hunt clues, which can be used for all sorts of occasions from childrens party games, kids birthday party games, kids indoor activities, kids outdoor games, themed scavenger hunts, team games for when your kids are bored or stuck inside on rainy days, or car games to keep them occupied whilst your driving and much more.

So, if you are looking for a resource that will help you create unique and fun activities for kids, the Riddle Me software program, may be just what you need. For a wide range of clues and riddles to create many unique games that are both engaging for the kids and easy to set up for you, as being a great way to get kids playing and socializing, encouraging them to work together to solve the clues and riddles.

The Riddle Me software library contains 10,000 scavenger hunt riddles to match with more than 1200 objects that you'll have in and around your home, school and office. So that you can simply create an instant and fun treasure hunt riddle game, no-hassles and no extra props required. These clues and riddles are customizable for your childs ages, and suitable for children from 3 years old and up. But they are also great for adults to join in with as well!

The software is easy to use, with a simple menu, allowing you to customize so many treasure hunt game variations. You can browse the huge list of treasure hunt clues or riddles to match your chosen objects. And you can also choose from a host of background images, then simply print the scavenger hunt riddles out, cut them out and follow the instructions as to where to place your hunt riddles for the kids to find. And then as the children solve each riddle, they are led to the next clue.

RiddleMe Scavenger Hunts

The Riddle Me program includes:
  • 10,000 riddles (from 3 years old and up)
  • Over 900 locations to search including outdoor, indoor, car, office or school
  • Many clue backgrounds to choose from or use your own
  • Create and print customized party invitations for your kids birthday scavenger hunt game
  • And also print customized thank you notes
  • Different types of scavenger hunt game modes and themes including pirate, birthday, Halloween, Easter or Christmas
  • Customize a treasure hunt with your own clues
  • You can also store customized clues and riddles that you have created yourself
  • You can make puzzles and treasure hunt games that the kids can play in the car - useful for keeping kids occupied when you're driving
  • Simple to use interface that even the kids will be able to master! All you need to do is point and click to create your games
  • Create scavenger hunts with a theme - so that they can be used for special occasions such as Easter or Halloween party games
This scavenger hunt kit is perfect for all sorts of gatherings including kids birthday parties, youth groups, family and holiday activities and for just when your kids are bored. It is a great way of getting the kids playing together but also a great way for you to spend time with them doing something fun!

For more details and a video demo, visit: RiddleMe.

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